& renovation

It is our passion to turn something nice into something spectacular.

Project development
& renovation

It is our passion to turn something nice into something spectacular.

About Us

Mètre Carré is a Rotterdam based real estate company

Mètre Carré is a Rotterdam based real estate company that is specialized in reviving houses. When craftsmanship and creative minds meet, beautiful things occur. That is why we approach every project with heart and soul. By linking style to expertise, a building is transformed into a home. We believe it is a big risk to play it safe. Without daring, no dream home.

Especially by making bold choices we create unique combinations. We want you to be proud of your home and make you feel at home. Our passion is to turn something nice into something spectacular.

We design, divide, renovate, develop and realize construction projects. We believe it is important to achieve optimal living enjoyment. Every square meter is used in a creative way with an eye for quality and preservation of authentic details.

What we do

n a new project we see the existing building as a blank canvas. We investigate the unique properties of a building. By following our intuition, we try to foster or even improve the character of the architecture. Where restoration or renovation is needed, we go for it. With the help of daring design, we create a special atmosphere that you have to see to feel it. We bring bricks to life with colour and shape, like a dance between living comfort and style.

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We want to make materials shine. That is why we carefully select the materials we work with. We have a strong relationship with our suppliers. We admire them for their craftsmanship and the love with which they make their traditional goods such as herringbone floors or kitchen worktops made of natural stone. That is why we think it is so amazing to bring their elements together in a home. They provide us with beautiful building blocks to turn our vision into a reality. Our skilled team has mastered all facets of the trade to achieve this. Our architect guarantees the authenticity of the building. Our contractor takes care of the correct renovation so that our interior designer can arrange the spaces as beautifully as possible. The stylist and carpenter provide the finishing touch so that the character of the house really comes to life. Everyone works together in harmony to achieve a spectacular end result. When you invest in your home, you invest in happiness!


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